Amazing Athletes

I have been staying up too late watching the Olympics. But the stories of the athletes are inspiring. And their performances are mesmerizing. I was talking with a friend about it today and we decided that they are made of different stuff than we are. They do, of course, have many of the same qualities – determination, courage, perseverance, confidence. So many of them have had to overcome many difficult obstacles to be able to compete in the Olympics. On Sunday, we read the story of the man with leprosy who came to Jesus. Despite his awful affliction and the fact that he was considered “unclean”, he was confident that Jesus would be able to help him. The priest encouraged each of us to come to Jesus with the same perseverance – with confidence that He can help us. I think I can do that. I guess the spiritual life takes a lot of practice and commitment also. I may not have the stuff to perform as an athlete, but I can use the same kind of discipline in my spiritual life to form a closer relationship with God.

I Found God today being inspired by amazing athletes.

2 comments on “Amazing Athletes

  1. Hi Tammy!

    I absolutely LOVE the Olympics and I am amazed with them as well. It was one of the reasons Colorado Springs spoke to me when I was in my 20’s. I am in this course at Christ the King “called to intimacy” speaking about prayer life and I am learning to “exercise my spiritual muscle”! I, too, can relate to what you are saying! Think of you often and hope you are well. I will pray for you today!




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