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Real Snow Scene

Yesterday, we had a birthday party for my sister. She had been wanting a karaoke machine for quite some time, so we all pitched in and got her one. She was ecstatic as she got it all cued up and started singing, reliving some of her glory days when she was in a band. Her voice still sounded great. When we were on a cruise many years ago, my siblings and I sang a song together that we recorded. We listen to it every now and again and laugh hysterically. Of course, we did our best to perform that song with my son standing in for my brothers. Later in the evening, we went to a painting party. A friend’s brother was also celebrating his birthday, so their family was there too. Even though there was a snow storm, no one let the weather stop them. The picture we painted was a snow scene with a curved road and snow-covered trees. At the end of the night, we compared the paintings as usual. It is always interesting since we are all doing the same picture, but they end up so unique. I wasn’t real happy with my picture – just couldn’t get it to look the way I had envisioned it in my head. This morning, I put my painting with the others that I had done previously. Although it still didn’t meet my expectations, I could see a definite improvement over time. People stayed over last night due to the weather, so we were able to visit a little more and have breakfast before the party officially broke up. When I went outside, I saw a snow scene with a curved road and snow-covered trees. It was very similar to our painting. I thought that was pretty funny. I could see even more how my painting did capture some of the reality and things I would do different for next time.

I Found God today celebrating my sister and enjoying a snow scene.

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