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Virtual Reality

Today’s reflection at church was given by the deacon. He said that his son gave him a set of the virtual reality goggles and showed him how to use them. The deacon described his experience. First, he watched some of the Olympics and was amazed at the clarity and 360 degree view. Then, he tried some skiing of his own. He felt like he was truly there and could almost feel the snow and wind in his face as he enjoyed flying down the hill. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice. It was his son telling him to be careful. He didn’t even realize he was off-balance and about to fall. Luckily, the kitchen counter was right in front of him to grab and hold on to. As he took off the goggles, it took him a few minutes to get acclimated to his real surroundings. The deacon compared his experience to that of our life with God. As we live our lives in this world, it can seem unreal. The things of this world can captivate us and we can get caught up in materialism, gluttony, drugs, or even violence, and think that is the way life is. We can get off kilter without even realizing it as we head down that slippery slope. Hopefully there will be someone there to remind us to be careful. We can reach out for God and hang on to Him as he grounds us in truth and love. I thought it was a great analogy.

I Found God today in a meaningful analogy of virtual reality.

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