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Forgiveness Wins

Today I read a beautiful story about a young man who wanted to start a singing career, so he moved to Tennessee. Right after that, he was hit by a car and left paralyzed. He thought his life was over along with the career he wanted so badly. However, he forgave the person who hit him. Evidently, she had a history of mental illness and substance abuse. The woman was overcome by guilt. When her day in court came, the young man sent his father over to tell her that he would be ok. He wanted to make sure she knew that. They communicated with one another until they could finally meet in person. At that time she realized she really was forgiven and forgave herself. The young man worked hard rehabilitating and is able to walk with assistance. He actually auditioned for American Idol and won the hearts of the judges. It is a beautiful story. You can find the story here and the audition here.

I Found God today in an inspiring story of forgiveness.

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