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Common Passover

I was happy to go to Holy Thursday Mass tonight. The choir started the evening off right with a beautiful song. The music was exceptional all night. The scripture reading was the story of the Last Supper, when Jesus was celebrating the Passover meal with His apostles. I have heard these words before. As I remembered past years, I thought about how the other Catholic churches in the city were also listening to the same words. On an even bigger scale, all the Catholic churches in the world were. Other Christian faiths will also be recounting this time in Jesus’ life during the next few days. And during this similar time frame, the Jewish faith celebrates the Passover. They are carrying on the tradition that God gave them thousands of years ago- although it’s meaning has changed for the Christian faith. In any case, millions of people come together during this specific point in time each year to worship God in celebration of His deliverance of His people, His passion, His unending love. As I sat in my small church among my small community, it felt like a pretty big deal.

I Found God today in common unity and worship.

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