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All The Weather

I got home this afternoon from a wonderful day and a half with my friend. I went through the details of our little get away with my parents, which was highlighted by meeting wolves. The weather forecast for the weekend was dismal to say the least, but we certainly didn’t expect to experience such diversity in such a short period of time. The night before we left, there was a terrible hail storm that hit my friend’s house. When I arrived to pick her up in the morning, I was shocked by all the leaves and tree branches all over the place. It was quite cloudy and we hoped for the best as we started our adventure. As we headed up the first mountain pass, the sun peeked out here and there creating small chunks of rainbows glowing in the mountain side. We took that as a good sign. By the time we got to the cabin, the clouds had broken and there was mostly sunshine. But as time passed, we noticed the clouds were building up again in the direction we were heading. When we arrived at the wolf sanctuary, just as we were starting our tour, there was a downpour of rain and gropple along with thunder and lightning. The temperature dropped and it started hailing.  We were incredibly grateful, though, when just as we finish part 1 of the tour, it stopped raining all together. We could interact with the wolves without getting poured on. Later in the evening, we went into town for dinner and it started snowing. After dinner on the way home, we ran into extremely thick fog in places. So, we basically experienced most of the weather there is in a mere 12 hours. It certainly kept things interesting. We had to laugh.

I Found God today experience many types of weather in a short time.

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