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Unusual Occurrences

We returned home today from a lengthy stay at the cabin. This was the longest time we have visited there since I have been with my parents. They both did great, although it was a very unusual few days. We always put the bird feeders out when we arrive, but this time no birds came. We saw just 2 kinds of small birds that only showed up a couple of times and 1 chipmunk. We did see, however, red-tail hawks and a pair of golden eagles who were trying to decide if the feathered hatband on my cowboy hat was something worth trying to snag. The wildlife was also non-existent – we didn’t even catch anything on the wildlife camera. Except for the raccoon that woke me in the middle of the night as it scampered across the roof right above me and landed on the deck right next to me. It found some birdseed that was inadvertently left out. I wasn’t sure what it was at the time and everything is louder and scarier in the middle of the night. But the next morning I found a footprint it left on the yellow pollen covered rail. That’s another thing that was strange. It was hot, dry, and hazy with an overabundance of yellow pollen. Every morning when the wind picked up, the air was filled with it. Everything in the house was covered. When my dad checked on his painting job, it also had a layer of the yellow stuff. The next morning after the raccoon visit, I was awakened by the sound of cows mooing and a donkey braying. It sounded like they were right outside the house. When I investigated, I found them in the valley below. The cows use the land for grazing, but I have never heard them make such odd sounds – and a donkey? So, while everything went well, there were many very unusual occurrences. I guess you never really know what is going to happen up there. But it certainly keeps us engaged and entertained.

I Found God today experiencing unusual occurrences.

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