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An Off Day

Early this morning I was suddenly awakened by a loud clap of thunder. Then I heard the hail begin. I contemplated going outside and bringing my new little plants under cover. Then, I remembered a time when I tried to rescue some newly potted tomato plants during a storm. Just as I grabbed the pot, there was a lightning bolt that terrified me, so I fell and dumped the pot I was trying to save. I decided not to try it this time. I listened as the thunder and hail continued. I also heard my parents rustling about. We were all awake for a while until things calmed down. When I got up later in the morning and checked things out, I was happy to see there were only a few leaves damaged on my flowers. But the whole day was just a little off. When it was time to get my mom to exercise class, it took me way too long to get ready and she was late. She did some difficult cognitive exercises so much that at the end during the stretches, she couldn’t figure out how to change from one arm to the other. Later I went to mail a package and didn’t address it, and didn’t have my phone with the info, so I had to make another trip. My mom went to take a nap in the afternoon and slept for an hour and a half. We were both tired and kind of achy all day. Perhaps is was the new and unusual humidity from the strange overnight storm. Perhaps it was because we didn’t sleep well. Whatever the case, we agreed that off day’s help us to appreciate the good days much more.

I Found God today in a strange off day that will help me to appreciate the good days.

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