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Mile Monday

I went to my water aerobics class this morning after being absent for almost 2 weeks. When I got there, I found out it was “Mile Monday”. The goal was to try to swim a mile in the hour class time. The instructor set me up with some tokens and a cup to keep track of each lap. I asked how long it would usually take. She said a good swimmer could do a mile in 45-60 minutes. Sounded like a challenge to me. After a couple of laps, it became clear to me that I am not a good swimmer. I thought about when I was on the swim team back in jr. high school. It was with the private pool in the neighborhood and not a team that you had to try out for. I joined because a friend of mine was on it and encouraged me. My juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was still active at that time. Even though I wasn’t strong, or fast, or a good swimmer, I went to the 2-hour practices every day. The coaches and team members were very patient, kind, and understanding with me. Everyone had to participate in the swim meets, so they put me in the long races, with many laps. I wasn’t fast, but I have always had pretty good endurance. I just keep going. That was such a good experience and solidified my love for the water. Today, I dropped my expectations to half a mile. I actually did a few laps more and was happy with my accomplishment.

I Found God today remembering a time that I really enjoyed as a kid with kind people.

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