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Helping Nesting

Last year, we had a couple of finches build a nest near the front door using the light and ledge as braces. We were very entertained as we kept a close eye on the eggs and eventually the baby birds as they fledged. Earlier this summer, two finches returned and tried for a couple of days to build a nest in the same spot. Each time we went outside we found sticks, twigs, and grasses all over the porch floor – but no nest. They just couldn’t get it. My dad found a large stick and place it up between the light and the ledge to “help”. I thought that was so kind. I figured they would either use it and make it work, or leave in fright. We didn’t see them again. A couple of days ago, a finch couple returned. They were busily bringing materials back and forth, leaving much of it on the ground. But they were using the large stick and it was looking a little more promising. I went out this morning, and sure enough, there was a little cup nest built. It looked sturdy and strong. We have enjoyed watching the little birds fly in and out and are excited to watch another potential family grow in the new nest.

I Found God today enjoying the birds and seeing how my dad’s kind idea did seem to help them.

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