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Support and Empathy

I went to an event this afternoon with kids who are in foster care. I met one girl for the first time and we enjoyed cutting up vegetables for the meal we were preparing. We sat down to eat at a table with a couple other kids and adults and started chatting. In a few minutes, she started sharing much of her story, including some pretty disturbing details. I was glad she had a therapist and other people working with her. But she was visibly hurt and angry which was understandable. After a while, the other kids who I had met before started sharing some of their painful experiences. It was very difficult to hear some of the things these kids have been through. The other adults and I listened and gave them the space to vent. When the group broke up, we spoke to the director of the program and shared our own feelings of inadequacy and helplessness in the situation. So – where was God in this? Easy to ask and wonder. How can God allow children to experience such things? The truth is, we live in a broken world – it has been so from the beginning. But the people in this group – the volunteers, the organization, and the foster families – are doing the best they can to try to help these kids heal and move forward in a positive direction. The kids themselves encourage one another and it is helpful to  connect them in a good environment. At the end of the event, I noticed the two girls who had just met were taking selfies together. When I shared the story with my parents, my dad was moved and thought perhaps we could foster kids in need. I don’t think that’s actually doable, but I was touched by his empathy.

I Found God today in an assortment of people wanting and trying to help kids who have been through very difficult circumstances.

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