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The Magic Refrigerator

We have a magic refrigerator. We went up to the cabin a few days ago and pretty much emptied it out, bringing the food with us. When we returned this evening, the refrigerator was completely full of fresh fruits and vegetables. My brother has purchased a subscription for each of my parent’s to receive a box of goodies each month. Both boxes arrived while we were gone and our neighbor was kind enough to put them in the fridge. One box has plums, peaches, and nectarines and the other box is just full of peaches. Also, my sister who has the farm delivered fresh vegetables while we were away and filled up the remaining fridge space with carrots, zuchinni, beans, beets, peppers, and more. It was truly a sight to behold when we got home and opened up the refrigerator.

I Found God today in generous siblings and look forward to the amazing food.

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