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Surprise Flowers

Today as my mom and I were out for a walk near the house, a flower delivery truck drove by. I wondered if he had delivered flowers to the house. When we got back home, we saw a big bouquet of flowers on the counter. We all thought for a minute, wondering if it was a special day. The card envelope said it was for my mom. My dad said he asked the delivery guy who it was from, and he didn’t have that information with him. My dad thought she might have a secret admirer. My mom read the card that said, “Happy Spring! Lots of love, hugs,” We still wondered who they were from. My dad read the card also and couldn’t find a name. I looked over the card too, then realized there was an additional card stuck to the first. It finished the message and was signed by my sister. It was a fun mystery for a few minutes and beautiful flowers to celebrate Spring.

I Found God today in an unexpected flower delivery.

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