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Making Room

It was a beautiful day outside, so my mom and I took a walk. My mom always uses her walker outside so she has more stability. Today we went in a different direction from the way we usually go. As we meandered along, I noticed 2 men sitting outside on the porch a few houses away. One of them went out to the street and moved the large trash cans that were sitting on the curb. When we reached them we said hello and one of them made a joke about having a radar gun to measure our “fast” pace. The other asked if we had enough room to get by the truck that was parked in the driveway. I thanked him and said we did. I then realized that they saw us coming and had moved the trash cans so they wouldn’t be in our way. Simple, but thoughtful and friendly.

I Found God today in a simple, but thoughtful act of kindness.

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