Yes Ma’am

My mom had physical therapy today. As her therapist was walking us out, a young man was walking in with another therapist. She asked him a question and he responded, “Yes, Ma’am.” A man said hello to him and he responded, “Hello, Sir.” My mom’s therapist said that the young man told them that his father ingrained it in him that it was proper and respectful to address others in this manner. She told him at one time that it was ok for him to call her by her first name. He responded, “Yes, Ma’am,” but really couldn’t do it. There are a lot of military people around here, and it is common to hear them use the same salutation. But it is not very often that a young person greets people in this way. I thought it was refreshing and respectful.

I Found God today in a respectful young man.

2 comments on “Yes Ma’am

  1. When I worked in CO, one fellow came in my office to repair some machine and responded to me like that. I remembered my brother saying that to our mother once and my father reprimanding him for it, as in the North, it is considered a sarcastic response! I never heard him say that again. (Perhaps he did in the Navy.)


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