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Turtle Helper

A couple I know went on vacation and stayed on a beautiful ocean beach. Today, the husband told a story of one of his experiences. One morning he got up early to take pictures of the sunrise. Once the light hit the beach, he saw lots of tracks in the sand leading to the water. Evidently, it was sea turtle hatching season. As he meandered, he saw one set of tracks that ended in a hole. One little turtle had fallen into another large nest and couldn’t get out. He scooped up the baby and set it back on the path. Unfortunately, as he watched, a sea gull swooped down and nabbed the little one. He was devastated. He continued walking and found another set of tracks that led into a big pile of seaweed, but did not lead out. He carefully took apart the seaweed and found the baby turtle stuck in the fronds. He untangled the turtle and put him back on the ground to continue his trek. This time, he kept a close escort to ensure his safety. The burly man said not only was it fun to see the turtles begin their life, but it was an emotional experience as well.

I Found God today in a man’s experience of new life.

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