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Extreme Mercy

Tonight in my Bible class, we discussed the “Antithesis” as given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:17-48. He challenges us to not only follow the 10 Commandments given to Moses, but to take them a step further. We should share everything we have with those who are in need. We should keep our thoughts clean and pure. We should love our enemies and show forgiveness and mercy. The teacher gave an example of showing extreme mercy. In the recent case of the police officer who shot a man because she thought she was in her apartment, an incredible scene unfolded. The 18 year old brother of the man who was killed forgave the woman in the courtroom. He told her if she asked God to forgive her, He would. Then he asked if he could give her a hug, which he did. It was truly amazing. Of course since then, there has been much debate and arguing about what transpired. But, people did the same to Jesus who came into the world to show extreme love and mercy.

I Found God today in an example of extreme mercy.

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