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Scared Silly

The other night, my sister told me she found a “haunted hike” at one of our favorite state parks. The area is just about half way between her house and ours and has been a great place to get together. I was able to meet both my sisters there tonight. The sky was dark and ominous as we got ourselves prepared. My sister brought her headlamps and I had my cell phone flashlight. But when we reached the entrance to the hike, the ranger told us to turn them off to have the best experience. As she was explaining the details, we could hear screams coming from the trail and realized what we were in for. At that time, the storm arrived and with lightning and thunder. We screamed, then laughed. As we headed off, we linked arms and chanted, “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” The trail was lit in places with jugs of glowing stuff. Most of the fear was the anticipation of being scared. There were a couple of creepy people that jumped out and we obliged with loud shrieks. After the hike, we had hot chocolate and treats. Then we stopped at the visitors center where one of the docents told stories of mysterious happenings at the park. It was just a fun night full of screams, fun, and laughter with my sisters.

I Found God today having a fun time with my sisters.

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