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Responsible for Souls

Today I read a story from a beautiful friend of mine who teaches in a Catholic school. I am sharing it here for you.

“This is what real love looks like.. About a week and a half ago I received a message from a friend asking for prayer. This happens often and I am most lovingly obliged. It was a prayer request that someone who was near death, that their heart be softened and that they would see and speak with a priest before passing away. At the point of the message there was little interest, to see a priest, by the person dying. The person asking for prayer was reaching out because he knows heaven and hell are real!!! He was very concerned for his friend and wanted to do all he could. This is an incredible understanding and knowledge of what life and death are really all about. Heaven and hell are real.
Our souls are real!!!!! Eternity is real!!! Whether people choose to believe this or not, does not change the reality of it. He asked because we are responsible for each other’s souls!!!!!!

The next day I shared this with all of my students and each class offered many prayers. It was an incredible reminder of God’s love and mercy and judgement, life and death. Our prayers interceded for the person passing away and the person who asked for the prayers. We did not use names because God knew exactly whom we were praying for. A few days later I received a message that the person dying wanted to see a priest. “Praise the Lord”!!! Within hours it was made possible a priest would visit the person before they would pass away. I shared the wonderful news with the all students, how their prayers and interceding can move mountains and save souls!!! It was incredible and awesome news. The person has passed away. I can only hope and pray when it is my time to pass away.. that someone has that much concern for my soul!!! Our souls, eternity, heaven and hell are real, not only our death but our lives need to clearly reflect this as well. So grateful for the incredible people the Lord puts in my life, to show what true love looks like.”

I Found God today in my friend’s story of love, life, and lessons.

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