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For Entertainment Sake

We have been following the shows that Andrew Lloyd Webber has provided every weekend. I found out this morning that “Cats” was to be shown this time. My mom, dad, brother, and I all have seen it before but were in agreement that we wanted to watch it, so we turned it on. At the end, we discussed the production. When I saw “Cats” for the first time, I kept expecting there to be some deep meaningful story or something. But it is literally just about cats and that’s ok. My dad, mom and brother all said the same thing. So watching it tonight, we knew what to expect and just enjoyed the music, dancing, singing, and costumes. And we all did enjoy it. There was no deep emotional heart-strings being pulled, no trying to figure out what was happening, nothing that was disturbing. It was simply entertainment for entertainment’s sake.

I Found God today having an evening of just good entertainment.

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