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Final Send Off

My amazing friend who makes wonderful face masks got some new material with wolves on it. She figured that my brother really should have a wolf face mask for Yellowstone, so she whipped one up for him. My brother went up to the cabin a couple days ago to finish his preparations and is leaving tomorrow. I knew he was heading into one of the towns for supplies today, and thought that delivering his mask was a great excuse for taking a drive into the mountains. My parents agreed. We headed west and in only about half an hour, were well away from the now bustling city. We met my brother at the park in the quiet town located between the house and the cabin. We delivered his mask, had lunch, gave his dog a few final pets, and headed home. It felt so good to get out of the house, take a nice relaxing drive, and enjoy the short visit with my brother.

I Found God today enjoying a drive to the mountains.

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