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Lighting the Night

For some reason, just a few weeks ago I realized that a statue I have of Our Lady of Lourdes glows in the dark. I have had it for a number of years and it is on the dresser located parallel to my head when I lay down. When I first became aware of it, I had turned off my light and was just laying there looking into the dark. Then I spotted something illuminated out of the corner of my eye. It was one of those things that when I looked directly at it, I couldn’t see exactly what it was, so I had to look next to or around it. Then I picked it up and realized it was my statue. Now, when I turn my light off, I look for it, thank Mary, my guardian angel, and God for watching over me with their light. And so it was tonight.

I Found God today reminding myself that He is watching over me always.

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