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Secluded Hike

Recently, we found a book that lists several easy hikes that are not too far away. I browsed through it yesterday knowing that I would have some time to myself today. I didn’t make any definite plans. I definitely didn’t want to be in a crowded place, so I thought I would just see how I felt and what the weather was like. This morning I visited a friend for a while, then picked up some lunch. I wanted to eat somewhere outside but not in the blazing hot sun. I remembered a neighbor had just told me about a park that is full of trees that I had never been to before. That park had a trail on my hiking list, so I decided to go. When I drove in, there were a couple different directions I could have gone. At this point I was just looking for a place to sit in some shade and eat, so I headed toward the pavilion area. There was also a playground there and it was packed. The dirt road continued, so I kept going. It ended at a round about with a few picnic tables and only 5 cars. As I eyed a place to park, I noticed a trail head. I had driven directly to the hiking trail in my book. After eating my lunch, I walked the short trail. At times I was actually by myself for a few minutes and just stopped, breathed, and listened to the sounds around me. I figured God knew what I needed and led me right to it.

I Found God today enjoying nature and a secluded hike.

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