Meteors After Midnight

Before going to bed last night, we talked about the meteor shower that was to take place. We guessed where we may be able to see it in the sky, but knowing that it would be most visible after midnight, I wasn’t counting on getting up. However, about 12:30, I heard some movement and footsteps upstairs. I went up and saw my dad in his robe and slippers ready to open the garage door and step outside to see what he could see. I went out with him and we stood for a while, careening our necks toward the North. We found the spot where the meteor shower should be taking place and thought we might see it from the more comfortable front porch, so we moved there. We were able to position the chairs to block most of the light from the neighborhood and got comfortable. We were excited when we saw our first bright meteor streak through the sky. We spent almost an hour in the calm, warm night air just gazing at the stars. In all, we saw maybe 6-8 meteors – some bright, some dim. Mission accomplished. We are hoping to try again tonight and perhaps have a better view.

I Found God today spending time with my dad and being in awe of the vast space in which we live.

2 comments on “Meteors After Midnight

  1. Sounds awesome and what a memory !

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