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Biblical School Year 3

I had my first Biblical School class tonight. This year will be completely virtual. It was somewhat distracting to begin with as people figured out how to get into the class and how to make the application work for more than 50 people. But once we got past that and I was able to focus on just the teaching, it was pretty good. This lesson was on Jonah and Nahum – both who God sent to Ninevah. Jonah warned that the city would be destroyed if the people didn’t repent. To his surprise, the whole city did repent and were spared. However, after years went by, they reverted back to their evil ways. Then Nahum went back to them and reminded them of their imminent demise if they didn’t follow God. The crux of the lesson was that God is merciful when we repent. However, if we choose to continue doing what is wrong, we will have to face the consequences. It was good to delve back into the Bible in this class.

I Found God today starting another year of Bible Class.

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