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Dinner for Dessert

My brother provides a fruit of the month subscription from Harry&David for my mom’s birthday. The other day, my mom received a beautiful box of large plums. She always made an amazing pflaumenkuchen, so I made my version of the recipe today. It turned out amazing. For dinner, I made a turkey tenderloin and stuffing. It took way longer than I anticipated. As it got later and later, I was afraid it was going to get too late to enjoy our dessert. So, I asked my mom and dad if they wanted to start our meal with dessert while we were waiting. The answer was a resounding YES! So, we had the plum cake with vanilla ice cream for dinner. By the time we finished, the turkey was finally done. We each had a small portion of turkey dinner for dessert. Having dessert for our first course made things interesting and it was well worth it.

I Found God today enjoying good food in a different way.

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