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So Many Stars

Since the weather is mild, we decided to head to the cabin today. In the evening the sliver of a moon was up early and low in the sky. I watched it as it slowly descended behind the ridge. Then it was dark – really dark. My dad discovered that the Leonid meteor shower was at it’s peak last night. We got out the star map and found the constellation Leo. Then I got my coat on and we went out on the deck to see what we could see. The sky was so clear, it didn’t take long for the stars to seemingly multiply as our vision adjusted to the dark. My dad saw a few bright streaks in the area where the meteor shower would be. But I couldn’t manage to stay focused on one area. There were so many stars – it had been a very long time since I had seen so many. The thought of all those suns and planets and galaxies out there in the vast space is mind boggling. I thought about the infinite God the Creator who is all, knows all, and created all. I was in awe.

I Found God today in awe of the vast space and infinite God.

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