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Friendly Chickadee

It was another mild day at the cabin today, so I spent much of the day outside. For the past couple of years I have trimmed some evergreen branches to make Christmas wreaths. This year there was no snow, so I hiked around and found a greater variety. It was very serene and quiet except for an occasional breeze blowing the trees. At one point, a chickadee flew in one of the trees that I was trimming and greeted me with the familiar “chik-a-dee-dee-dee”! I said hello and the little bird made his way closer, branch by branch calling his tune. I wondered if he was asking what I was doing to his tree, or perhaps asking where the bird food was. In any case, it was a welcomed encounter as we exchanged close greetings for a few seconds and it made me smile.

I Found God today in a friendly chickadee.

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