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Personal Prayer of Thanks

As I have been continuing to study the book of Isaiah in my bible class, I read about Hezekiah who was a king of Judah. He was stricken with a life threatening disease. However, he had faith, prayed and trusted God. Because of this, God healed him and gave him an additional 15 years of his life. One of my homework questions today was to write a prayer of thanksgiving for a time in my life when God sustained me through a difficult situation. I thought immediately about how God cured my suffering of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. While I have thanked God over and over again, it was a beautiful exercise to actually write that in a prayer.

Praise God for all His blessings.
Praise God for His peace, care, and mercy.
They said I would be crippled. They said I wouldn’t be able to function.
God said, “You will not end up like that.”
I held steadfast to His grace and voice.
His Word is mightier than all knowledge in this world.
I continue on because of Him.
Praise God for all He is. Help me never to forget.

I Found God today writing a prayer of thanksgiving to Him.

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