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History of Faith

The church I used to work for is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary. We watched the Mass there today as we do most weeks. A gentleman spoke who has completed a history of the church. When I worked there, I was keenly aware of those who had come before me. For many years my office and religious education classes were in the beautiful building that was a convent. To me, there were still remnants and reminders of a life it once had. I was blessed that a couple of the sisters were still in the area and told me what happened in different rooms, such as the kitchen and the sleeping quarters. It filled me with respect and reverence for the place. Even when I was alone in the big old house, it was peaceful. As the gentleman spoke about the history book he wrote, I was once again conscience of how blessed we are to stand on the faith of those who have come before us. And as the pastor reminded us, we continue to make our own history. He was talking about the parish in particular, but I took it on a larger level. The Church itself is in an interesting period of time. The pandemic has changed what we do and how we do it. We are all certainly being tested on a personal and global level. And how we get through this will certainly be passed down to generations.

I Found God today considering the importance of passing along the history of faith.

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