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Surprise Singer

We decided to put on a Christmas CD this afternoon so my mom went through the stack that has been waiting to be played since last year. She chose a recording of her high school choir. Now – this wasn’t any ordinary choir. The director and singers were all but professional and won competitions on many levels. The CD was made a couple of years after my mom attended the high school. She followed along with the list of titles, waiting to hear something she might recognize. As a new song started, my mom suddenly exclaimed, “That’s my brother!” Sure enough, it was her younger brother singing a duet. It was quite a surprise to my mother as she didn’t realize he was on the CD. We marveled at the sound of his pure, smooth voice. After the CD had finished, my mom got out one of her scrapbooks to find his picture and she and my dad reminisced. It was another beautiful moment.

I Found God today in a happy surprise.

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