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Out on an Adventure

My parents and I have been doing some Christmas shopping – online. However, there is one place we decided to visit instead of going through the shipping process. It was in a small town not too far from us. I spoke to the owner regarding the COVID requirements and store hours. He said that they were pretty out of the way, so filling to capacity wasn’t even an issue. I set up the GPS and we headed out. On the way there, we zig-zagged through lots of open space and farm land on a route none of us had ever taken before. We even ended up on a dirt road for a bit, which was unexpected. It was good I had the GPS on, or we would have driven right by it. Once we arrived, we were greeted by the owner and found what we were looking for. The shop was a far cry from the busy big corporation stores in the city that people are crowding into. We ordered lunch from the adjoining cafe and sat outside to eat. The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold, and no wind. The GPS led us back home via a different route that was well traveled. The road became familiar after a while. It was certainly good to get out, visit a new place, and enjoy the beautiful day. I’m glad my parents were up for the adventure.

I Found God today out on an adventure.

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