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More Prayer This Year

We attended Mass online again this morning and listened to an additional homily. Later in the day, my dad and I drove up to the church and dropped off the presents we bought for the “giving tree”. Even though we haven’t been able to attend Mass inside the church, we have been doing our best to stay connected. At dinner, we realized it has been almost a year since we actually went to church. At the beginning of this year, my dad had a stroke. My mom and I would bring my computer to the hospital and rehab on Sundays and watch Mass online. Then, we could count on a Eucharistic minister to come to the room and bring Communion. When my dad returned home, he was still not up to going to church, so we continued to watch online and were blessed to have a weekly visit from a parish Eucharistic minister. Then the pandemic hit. We just continued on as we were, but we made our Sunday Mass time more meaningful by setting up a home altar and actively participating instead of just “watching”. My mom mentioned that it was funny, but even though we haven’t been going to church, she thought she has prayed more this year than any other. I agreed – I know that I have had more personal prayer time. My dad said the same. That was an interesting observation. I am so grateful that Our Lord gives each of us the ability to grow in our relationship with him as long as we are trying. He isn’t bound by circumstances or location. His love, grace, mercy, and peace are available to us always.

I Found God today grateful for His generous availability.

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