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Faith of One Fallen

One week ago, there was a senseless killing of 10 people in a grocery store in Boulder. One of them was Police Officer Eric Talley. He left behind a wife and 7 children. The other day I received an email notification that his funeral service would be held in the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver. The notice included a photo the officer with a priest and he was described as a “soldier for Christ.” The funeral “Solemn High Requiem Mass” was live streamed today and shown in part on the news. “Jesus has told us, greater love than this no man has than to lay down his life and Eric lived that,” Archbishop Samuel Aquila said. He also said that Officer Talley loved this type of solemn Mass. It was beautiful to see his the Catholic faith highlighted through this awful tragedy.

I Found God today in the beautiful faith of a fallen hero.

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