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Our Unsung Hero

There was a Memorial Service today for the fallen Officer Eric Talley. I don’t mean to dwell upon it, but the words said about this man and his life are so inspirational. During this service, the priest from his local church spoke. Reverend Daniel Nolan, FSSP, of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church was quoted by a local station:

Nolan went on to discuss the power it took for Talley to sacrifice his life for others, saying it meant there was an idea, a principle, a character in the soul worth dying for.

“It’s a message that the world does not hear very often, does not see very often. He believed in something so strongly, he was willing to die for it,” Nolan said. “I would argue Officer Talley’s life was not taken; it was given. He gave it. And it was love that enabled Officer Talley to do this. He loved his fellow man. It was because he loved his family, he loved our Lord.”

Nolan read a poem written by Talley’s seven children for him on Christmas 2019 called “Our Unsung Hero,” which reads in part, “Dad, our unsung hero, Who guards and guides our way, We love you, and we thank you On this Christmas Day. May the Angels watch over you And guard you on your way. May God bless and protect you And bring you home each day.”

I Found God today in a heart-felt tribute to the Unsung Hero.

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