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Spa Day

I had almost forgotten that there is a world outside our 4 walls. Last November, my family generously pitched in and got me a spa day and overnight stay at a local resort. Covid-19 was running so high at that time, I didn’t feel comfortable going, so I postponed it until February. When February came around, there still wasn’t any progress being made to curb the spread of the virus. Fortunately, we were able to delay once more. Now that my parents are fully vaccinated and I have one in the arm, I was feeling better about it. I looked into the resort rules and restrictions and decided to go for it. I arrived at the spa and started with a hot stone massage. Once I was completely relaxed, I got a pedicure and a manicure. Then I checked into my room. The resort is located at the base of a mountain. I was thrilled that my balcony faced that side. The pool was open and empty, so I took advantage of the situation and went for a swim. I ordered room service for dinner and ate outside with a mountain view. I felt quite spoiled to say the least and was so grateful for a little get away.

I Found God today enjoying a spa day.

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