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The Race Around

We decided to go out for a walk after dinner tonight. My sister was here, so the 4 of us headed out. At the end of our sidewalk the familiar question arose – which way should we go? I suggested we start out going different directions and see who makes it around the circle first. My dad and I went to the left and my mom and sister went to the right. We met as my dad and I were past the half way mark. We proclaimed victory and each continued around the circle. My dad and I arrived first to the house as expected and took the flag down from it’s perch. Just as we finished, my mom and sister arrived. Mom was heading towards the sidewalk. I warned my dad that she was trying to take away his victory. He started toward the sidewalk. My mom’s competitive side kicked in and she actually ran a few steps to beat him. I haven’t seen her move that fast in years. When we were settled back in the house, she was still huffing and puffing. It was pretty humorous.

I Found God today in my parents’ fun.

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