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Day at the DMV

Since my dad passed away, my mom and I have been doing paperwork to get everything in order. It seems that none of it is correct the first time. I send in what I think is required, only to receive something back saying it’s incorrect or incomplete. It is a test of patience and perseverance for sure. I had been to the DMV to get the car titles updated and received further paperwork and instructions that my mom had to be present. We got the paperwork completed and notarized and decided that today was the day. We headed to the DMV this morning. After a short wait, it was our turn. The woman who helped us was so nice. She took care of updating the car information, then helped us get mom an ID card and a new handicap placard. She was super nice and super helpful. We got all our business taken care of. Best part is mom will never have to go to the DMV again!

I Found God today in a super nice and helpful woman.

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