Sweet Outing

I took my mom to get her haircut today. We have been going to this woman for only a few months. She is super nice, gentle, and she does a great job. Today my mom told her how hard it is for her to keep on weight. She told her that she already eats ice cream and an ensure every day. The hairdresser asked if she eats a lot of pastries, which she does not. She told us of a French bakery that would be on our way home. So, of course we had to stop. We bought some beignets which I had never heard of before. Basically they are little filled doughnuts – but better. We brought them home and heated them according to their directions. They were filled with chocolate, white chocolate, and Nutella. What an unexpected sweet outing we had.

I Found God today in delicious treats.

2 comments on “Sweet Outing

  1. What a sweet yummy idea! Hugs to all of you!


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