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Appreciating Birds

When mom and I got home from our walk today, there was a huge flock of blackbirds in our trees. We watched for a while as they flew away in large groups. Later in the day, we made a quick trip to the post office. On the way home, we stopped by a reflection pond that is owned by a local church. We parked for a while and watched the ducks and geese. The ducks were taking turns dunking and shaking themselves off. We imagined they were taking their evening baths. Some ducks from the other side of the pond started to make their way to the larger group. My mom counted and described them. The water was still, so the swimming ducks made a small v-shaped wake. My mom commented on how soothing it was to watch them. Later in the evening, we said the Prayer to St. Francis to honor his feast day. We knew there was music to the prayer as we had sung it many times in church. I found the song on YouTube and played it. We sang along and even harmonized. It’s funny how some things just stick with you. We appreciated the birds God gave us today and it fit right in with St. Francis’ feast day.

I Found God today appreciating His nature.

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