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Sweet Dog

My son went out of town for the day, so we said we would take care of his dog for the day. She has come over several times and we are getting to know one another pretty well. When my son left her in the morning, she looked out the window and door for him for a while. Then she settled down. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed taking her for a long walk. She sat outside with my mom and I for a while and just watched the activity. When mom and I went for a walk, she came too and walked so nicely and slow with the walker. She was so gentle and well behaved, but also had some energetic times and entertained us as she chased her toy. And she’s so soft and fluffy, we loved petting her as much as she loved us petting her. It was nice to have a dog for the day.

I Found God today enjoying a dog for the day.

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