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Almost Back

Yesterday our friend came over to stay with my mom. We hadn’t seen her – or anyone other than my sister – in a month. I got dressed in real clothes and decided to be brave and do a grocery store run. First I thought I should make sure the 2 cars in the garage started. They did, so I let them run for a bit. I decided to drive the easy, comfortable car instead of the SUV we take to the cabin. I wasn’t sure if my weak, noodle legs would hold up. Off I went to the store. It sounds like more than it actually was. The grocery store is only 1 1/2 miles away and I placed a pick up order, so all I had to do was drive there, let them put the food in the trunk, and drive home. I also did a drive through and picked up lunch. When I arrived home, I brought in and put away many of the groceries. It felt good to get out a little and to have a friend over in real life to visit with. I think that jump started my brain into thinking I’ve been sick long enough and it’s time to get back to life. Today I had even more energy and did many of my “normal” things. Even though it’s taking longer than I would like, I am very glad that both mom and I are getting back to where we were.

I Found God today feeling better.

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