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To Boast of Miracles

I listened to the Gospel reading this morning. It was the story of Jesus healing a man with leprosy and asking him not to tell anyone but the priests to see that he was clean and able to be part of the community once again. The man who was healed could not keep it to himself. This begs the question – what if it were me? What would I do? Yesterday a friend shared how God spoke to him through music all day. From there, other people shared how they recently had a “God Sighting”. Another friend has shared openly the miracles she has experienced in the past couple weeks. I, myself, was given an opportunity today to speak to a friend about the Lourdes holy water. When something amazing happens, it’s hard to keep it to ourselves. Even though, if it’s miraculous, we may feel awkward sharing it. But people need to hear of the goodness and love God has for each one of us. To finish the night, my sister and I have been binging The Chosen series before we start watching the new season. Tonight included the story of – yes – the man healed of leprosy. God is always trying to get our attention.

I Found God today in a reminder to keep sharing faith stories.

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