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My mom has started to get bored. After all, we have done pretty much nothing for almost 4 weeks as we continue to recover from COVID. I have had even less energy than her. She has been doing a lot of reading, puzzle making, playing on her iPad, and playing the piano. But it has been wearing on her eyes and she has been wanting something else to do. Tonight after dinner, my mom spotted the Jenga game and said she had been wanting to play. So we got it out and she and my sister set it up. She wondered if she would even be able to play as she is so shaky from the Parkinson’s, but we just went ahead and started. She did great. We all did. Until that one last move made the tower unstable. Of course, my mom was up next. She studied the structure and even found a loose plank. But alas, the tower fell when she tried to pull it out. We all laughed. It felt so good to play and laugh.

I Found God today in play and laughter.

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