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Miracles Everywhere

I met with my prayer group tonight. We read ahead to this Sunday’s Gospel which is the raising of Lazarus from the dead. We talked about how God does miracles around us and for us all the time, but we may not necessarily be aware of them. Or perhaps we become aware of them, but forget. Once we get into our daily life and activities, work, joys, struggles, etc. it is too easy to forget how good God is to us. Each person in the prayer group had an example of a miracle God performed in their lives – physical healings, voices that saved them from certain tragedy, unexplained coincidences that drastically changed the course of their life for the better. It is sad, but true that we forget these amazing events. Writing this blog is for me a kind of reminder. I look back over my day, and realize the ways that God has been present and active in my life. It is a blessing that I highly recommend.

I Found God today remembering His miracles.

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