Due to my mom’s Parkinson’s disease, her voice gets quieter and quieter. It also affects her facial and throat muscles. She has been going to voice therapy to help strengthen all of these and I often go with her and listen. Her homework for yesterday was to memorize a long joke, tell it to the family, and then re-tell it to the therapist today. It was going to be a challenge to begin with, as my mother has never been good at telling jokes. She usually forgets the punch line or gets it wrong – I think it is a family thing.We warned the therapist of this and she said to just do the best she could. My mom did a really good job at telling the joke to my dad and brother. They laughed and everything. When she went to therapy this morning, I was excited to hear her tell the joke to the therapist and was certain she was going to get it. She went through the whole story and when she got to the end . . . she forgot the punch line. We laughed and laughed so hard that my mom got the giggles and could not even try to get the last sentence out. Honestly, it was funnier than the joke. It was wonderful to hear my mom laugh so much. The joke was about a character named “Bubba”. To top off the day, on my way home from running errands, I passed a new restaurant that had a big Grand Opening sign up. The name of the restaurant was “Bubba’s”. When I got home and told the family, we laughed and laughed again.

I Found God today in humor and laughter.

2 comments on “Bubba

  1. This post hits close to home as my dad struggles with his voice since he has Parkinsons. The funny thing about bubba is that we named our chocolate lab Jakes but his “pet” name was bubba. Sydney did not say mama or dada first but “Bubba”.


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