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Letting It Out

By the time I ended my day yesterday, I had a headache, was exhausted, somewhat sad, and a little cranky. So I went out for a leisurely walk. I try not to put my problems on anyone, as I know everyone has struggles of their own. But I decided to call my sister. We chatted for a while and she asked what she could do to help. I replied that it was just helpful to let me vent every once in a while. So – she did. I went to bed early, said my prayers and clung tight to my rosary as I drifted off to sleep. This morning I woke up earlier than I have in quite some time. I took a nice long walk and did some yoga to start my day. I was grateful to have a much better mindset and positive energy. I spent the day getting some much needed cleaning accomplished. It didn’t even bother me when the usual unexpected things popped up to be taken care of. I was just so happy to be feeling better. Mostly, I was so thankful for my sister who allowed me to let it all out with no judgment.

I Found God today in the unconditionally loving relationship I have with my sister.

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