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This Just Might Happen

I planned on taking a trip to see my new grand daughter leaving tomorrow. Today started out with a usual unexpected happening. My mom woke up with a very red eye. It had been bothering her for a couple of days as it felt scratchy and irritated. But today it looked as though someone punched her in the eye. She called her doctor for an appointment, but the only time he could see her is when she had therapy already scheduled. She could see out of it fine, it did not hurt, there was nothing coming out of it, and she felt good otherwise, so we figured it would be ok until the next day when the doctor could see her. However, when she went to therapy, her therapist recommended that it be seen asap. Well – that scared my mom, so we decided to get her into an emergicare type place. My dad had an appointment to get his hand looked at, so I took him there and my brother took my mom to the emergency center. We reconvened at home. My dad’s thumb is healing well. My mom broke a blood vessel in her eye, but it will heal on it’s own in a couple weeks. So – I got myself packed up, gave hugs and kisses, and headed to my sister’s for the night as it is closer to the airport. I think this might actually happen . . .

I Found God today in taking care of my parents so I can take an anticipated trip.

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