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Meeting the Granddaughter

I finally made it safe and sound to my son’s house to see my new granddaughter. There was no problem traveling and the weather was good all the way. When I got to their house, there were hugs and tears all around. First my son, then the baby, my daughter-in-law, the baby, the grandsons, the baby. Of course, she is adorable at all of 1 week old, and is the center of attention. Her brothers are already doting over her. As I fed her tonight, it is just like I did with my boys and grandsons. Even though they are completely different unique people, babies are so similar in their behaviors. And they have that sweet new baby smell and are so cuddly. When I held her, I just automatically went into “rocking” mode. I am just so grateful and happy to be here.

On the flip side, my sister went to help take care of my parents. When she was there this evening, she fell and broke her leg. She has to have surgery tomorrow. I couldn’t even believe it. There seems to be more than our fair share of happenings around there. I’m not sure what it is all about, but I ask for your prayers – for a good outcome to my sister’s surgery, healing for my mom and dad, for safety for my parents, family, and caretakers.

I Found God today in being able to meet and hold my new granddaughter, and be with my son and his family.

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