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Daughter-in-Law’s birthday

Today is my daughter-in-law’s birthday. It was such a blessing to get to spend it with her. He mom and niece came over for a bit bearing beautiful multi-colored flowers. She dressed the baby in a shirt that said, “Mommy’s Little Girl”. She said her husband – my son – wouldn’t like it because the little girl is HIS princess. But, my daughter-in-law said that she could claim the baby today on her birthday. One of the boys and I went to the store and got the things I needed to make a fruit pizza, which I have been promising. It is a large sugar cookie with a mixture of cream cheese and cool whip topped with sliced fruit and an orange glaze. My grandson gave me directions how to get there and even where to find everything in the store. We went out to dinner with my daughter-in-law’s family and that is always a good time full of laughs. It has been many wonderful years watching her grow. When I first met her, she was just into college and didn’t talk much. Now, the loving, selfless mother of 3, and just a beautiful example to her children and friends. I feel truly blessed that my son has her for a wife, that my grandchildren have her for a mother, and that I am blessed with her as my daughter-in-law.

On another note, my sister had surgery on her leg tonight. At the time of this writing, they said things went well and she is doing well in recovery. Thank you for your prayers!

I Found God today in the gift of being with my daughter-in-law and things going well with my sister.

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